Teach A Man To Fish assists young people to gain the knowledge, skills and experience that will enable them to get a decent job or create their own job when they leave school. We guide student teams and their teachers, step by step, to set up a fully-functioning school business that is both educational and profitable.

Since 2006, our innovative School-Business Model has created more than 300,000 student entrepreneurs, over 8,200 inspirational teachers, and in excess of 2,600 profit-making school businesses in countries all over the world.

We focus on young people in developing and emerging countries, providing face-to-face training and support tailored to their context.

Our School Enterprise Challenge awards programme enables any school in any country to receive training and support through our online platform.

Everybody talks about eliminating poverty but nobody talks about how to be financially successful...

Sharom is very proud of his poultry business

Sharom Muwanika

Sharom, 22, started life in a single-parent household in one of Kampala’s slum areas.

He is now running a successful poultry business which makes a monthly profit of UGX 400,000 (US$134). He earns double the monthly income of a teacher.

Sharom learnt about business and poultry production through his school’s poultry business. As a team leader, he also gained the confidence to start his own business.

Sharom uses the income from his business to pay for his sister's schooling, support his mother and employ someone to help in his business. He has also paid for a new roof for the family's home.

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