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THe San Francisco school poultry business produces and sells eggs to local markets Other schools are selling homewares that they have made using recycled materials to
The San Francisco school poultry business produces and sells eggs to local markets while other schools are selling products they have made using recycled materials

Fundación Paraguaya

The Fundación Paraguaya de Cooperación y Desarrollo was set up by Martin Burt in 1985 and has become one of the largest non-profit organisations in Paraguay. The organisation creates pathways to economic opportunity for more than 80,000 low-income families and young people every year through the innovative Poverty Stoplight programme, entrepreneurship training, job creation and microfinance loans.

A sister organisation of Teach A Man To Fish, it is their flagship San Francisco School which inspired the ‘Education that Pays for Itself’ concept and the School-Business model.

The Fundación’s own Financially Self-sufficient Schools Model guides secondary-level schools in marginalised locations in Paraguay and Tanzania to financial security through establishing and managing productive units. These units also provide relevant skills-building for students.

The Fundación is working closely with us to assist schools at all levels in Paraguay and Tanzania to join the School Enterprise Challenge programme and get support to set up school businesses that are educational and profitable.

The Saville Foundation

The Saville Foundation is a private foundation committed to enabling significant and relevant social change. To do this, it seeks out and engages with projects or institutions that provide innovative and appropriate alternatives to current challenges in education and community development.

The Foundation also promote awareness and action on the part of donors, corporates and government to engage and invest with more consciousness, assess each intervention deeply, stay involved to ensure project resilience, and ultimately replicate proven solutions.

The Teach A Man To Fish annual conference in 2016 was held at LIV school in South Africa

Local partnership is one of our core principles

As part of our strategy to reach more schools with training and support to set up and run school business that are educational and profitable, Teach A Man To Fish works with local partner organisations and government education offices in a number of countries. We aim to embed skills and support ownership of the School-Business Model for the long-term within the countries where we work.

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