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Our staff is made up of a diverse number of skilled people working around the world. The charity is directed by our trustees. Click on a profile for more information.

  • Nik Kafka

    Nik Kafka is the founder and Chief Executive of Teach A Man To Fish. Leaving a successful banking career in the City of London for a local microfinance institution in Paraguay, Nik discovered an innovative school aiming not only to teach the poor how to become rural entrepreneurs, but to do so as a self-financing social enterprise. Having helped transform this school into a replicable model, and realising the huge potential for funding education through enterprise rather than charity, he returned to the UK to found Teach A Man To Fish.

    Under his stewardship Teach A Man To Fish has grown into an international network whose membership now numbers over 4,500 education institutions and experts in more than 125 countries. Over 50,000 young people have benefited directly from Teach A Man To Fish programmes across Africa, Asia & Latin America. Honoured as a Young Global Leader in 2009 by the World Economic Forum, he was more recently named in 2011 as one of Devex's 40 Under 40 International Development Leaders in London.He holds a first-class BSc in Chemistry from the University of Bristol, an MSc in International Development from the School of Oriental & African Studies at the University of London, as well as professional qualifications in finance.

  • Christine Moser

    Christine Moser joined Teach A Man To Fish in June 2012 as Tourism Officer at the La Bastilla Technical Agricultural High School in Nicaragua, and continued as Honduras Coordinator in September 2013, based in the Dr. Stephen Youngberg Technical Vocational School. She has been supporting the school to set up two new businesses, as well as with the optimisation of the four existing enterprises, and is helping to introduce a Monitoring & Evaluation system. Starting in March 2014, she has also taken over the role of Enterprising Schools Network Coordinator in Central America.

    As part of the network coordination she is working with the Central America team to roll out the School Enterprise Challenge and is developing a strategy for the network to connect schools that are setting up school businesses, or are on their way to financial self-sufficiency, in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.

    Christine attended a Higher Vocational School for Tourism & Catering in Austria and spent 5 years working in tourism and transport administration in a variety of European countries, working in all aspects of the running of small and medium enterprises, before getting her BA in Hispanic Studies & Sociology from the University of Aberdeen and spending a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Alison Rivett

    Alison Rivett joined Teach A Man to Fish in October 2015. She is responsible for all aspects of fundraising to support our work. Alison has been working to raise funds for international development and humanitarian projects for over a decade. Previously she worked to fundraise from the UK at Self Help Africa, Merlin and Farm Africa; in Ethiopia at Mums for Mums; and in Guatemala at Transitions.

    Prior to 2001 and for 11 fun and fruitful years, Alison was a founding partner and the Design Director for Ampersand Partnership, a design and marketing agency located in London.
    Alison has a MSc in International Economic Development from University College London, a BAHons in History and Typographic Design from Reading University and is a qualified TEFL teacher.

  • Amélie Heuër

    Amélie Heuër joined Teach A Man To Fish in November 2016. Prior to that, Amelie was the Head of Research and Programme Manager at SEED, an initiative that promotes social and green entrepreneurship, by accelerating the growth of social and environmental small, micro and medium enterprises (SMMEs). Previously, she also worked for several years on marine conservation and coastal resources management in the Philippines.

    With over 10 years’ experience in the field of sustainable development, Amelie has built in-depth understanding of the international dialogues around green and inclusive entrepreneurship, innovation, coastal resources management and alternative livelihood development, as well as on cross-cutting issues relating to gender, waste management and green energy solutions.

    Amelie has a MSc in Human Geography, specialised in International Development, from the University of Amsterdam (UvA), The Netherlands

  • James Love

    James Love joined the Teach A Man To Fish team in October 2014 as Africa Regional Coordinator based in Kampala, Uganda. James is working to assist a number of schools across Africa to establish school enterprises as well as supporting the implementation of our strategy in Uganda.

    James brings 7 years of education and international development experience to Teach A Man To Fish and has previously worked at WaterAid, Link Ethiopia and Partner Schools Worldwide. More recently, he has been involved in researching and planning an eco-tourism business in Sri Lanka. James has a range of experience in designing and managing educational programmes, business development and monitoring and evaluation.

    James holds a Masters in Development Education from the Institute of Education, London.

  • Sally Walker

    Sally Walker joined Teach A Man To Fish in June 2013 and manages our global School Enterprise Challenge programme. In addition she leads on the development of educational resources, school engagement initiatives and supports with the monitoring and evaluation of our programmes.

    Prior to joining the team, Sally worked in remote Vanuatu as a Field Staff for Volunteers in Community Engagement, supervising a school construction project and a series of community workshops on HIV awareness, Climate Change and the Importance of Education.

    Sally has a varied background across corporate and charity marketing, education, research, and volunteer management. She has previously worked for Peace One Day, Build Africa and Peace Boat, a Japan based NGO. Sally has extensive experience overseas and has taught English as a Foreign Language for three years in Asia, as well as supporting community development projects in Indigenous Australia, the Pacific and South America.

    Sally holds a BSc (Hons) in International Business from Loughborough University, an MA in Education and Development from the University of East Anglia and is a TEFL trained teacher.

  • Sharon Munyazikwiye

    Sharon Munyazikwiye joined Teach a Man to Fish in April 2014 as an Enterprise Development Technical Officer in Nyarugu District, South Rwanda. As the TO of Teach A Man To Fish, Sharon is working with 28 schools in Nyaruguru district to develop business plans and implement school businesses as part of the “Rwanda Girl’s Education Advancement Project.” These school businesses will generate income for the schools and act as an educational resource for the students, developing their technical, business and soft skills.

    Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Sharon worked as a Senior Facilitator in ICT, Business and Life Skills at Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) Rwanda under DOT’s Internship Program, where he delivered the ReachUp! Program, impacting more than 600 beneficiaries and 20 startups in Karongi, Western Rwanda. He served at Smart Enterprises Ltd as the Operations Manager under Nyabivumu Integrated Waste Management Project; and work with LUTI “Let Us Transform Life Initiative,” developing training and drafting projects and business plans. Sharon has also served as a Business Coach to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) beneficiaries.

    Sharon holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Chemistry from the former National University of Rwanda and a Business Management Certificate from the universal Class, with self-directed learning and capacity building in business and project planning.

  • Jordan Byekwaso Lwanga

    Jordan Byekwaso Lwanga joined Teach A Man To Fish in January 2015 as a Project Officer and is currently responsible for the Mackay Memorial business development project, developing a Multi-School Project and acting as the Uganda office liaison.

    Jordan brings over 4 years of experience working with youth and community groups to Teach A Man To Fish. Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Jordan worked with National Community of Women Living with HIV (NACWOLA) and Mentor Coach Empower Uganda (MCE Uganda) as a program officer. These experiences have given him a strong appreciation for the impact of education in transforming people’s livelihoods. Jordan holds a Masters degree in Adult and Community Education from Makerere University, Kampala Uganda.

  • Eglin Lopez

    Eglin Lopez joined Teach a Man to Fish in February 2016 as Network Support Officer based in Managua, Nicaragua. Her role is to promote the School Enterprise Challenge in Nicaragua and Honduras as well as to support schools that are participating in this program. She will also work on scaling up the Enterprising Schools Network through communication with potential new schools and partner organisations.

    Prior to joining the team, Eglin worked with entrepreneurship projects for women from rural areas in Nicaragua, supporting women to write their business plan and coordinating activities between volunteers, target groups and donors. Furthermore, she has wide experience in teaching, reaching from teaching primary school children as a volunteer, to working as a part time professor at a local university.

    Eglin is an Environmental Engineer and has just finished her Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Development Project Management from Menédez Pelayo International University and the Ortega-Gasset Institute in Madrid, Spain which was granted by a scholarship from Fundación Carolina

  • Emerence Dusabimana

    Emerence Dusabimana was born and raised in Rwanda and joined the team in September 2015. She graduated in 2012 from the National University of Rwanda. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree with honors in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. She hopes to return to study her Masters in the future.

    Her previous professional experience includes working as business facilitator and coach at Digital Opportunity Trust from 2012 to April 2014 where she gained critical work experience; she worked as an agent of change to her community by empowering young women and men to use resources at their disposal to create businesses and make them profitable. In addition to this she has also temporarily worked as a research assistant on various projects specifically agriculture related and socio- economic development projects.She believes that “Networking and idea sharing are the most effective weapons used to change the community mindset and reach their well-being”.

    She is passionate on constructive idea sharing for generation change and traveling which has helped her to raise awareness and make opportunities profitable for sustainable community well-being.

  • Sarah Nassanga

    Sarah Nassanga joined Teach A Man To Fish in 2015 supporting the School Enterprise Challenge team in managing 300 schools and in 2016 she went on to become the School Enterprise Challenge Monitoring and Evaluation Officer where she works closely with 29 schools assessing the impact of our business model.

    Prior to this Sarah volunteered for a year at the National Agricultural Research Organization providing technical support to the Human Resources team and assisted in all recruitment, selection, training and performance appraisal of 200 staff.

    Sarah has a BA in Public Administration and Management from the Uganda Christian University.

  • India Jankel

    India Jankel joined Teach A Man To Fish in August 2015 as a Programme Support Officer for the School Enterprise Challenge. She is responsible for the development of educational resources, school liaison and administrative support.

    Before joining the team, India worked for a year as a primary school English teacher in a rural part of the Dominican Republic. She has also worked abroad as an intern for two NGOs: the Red Cross Centre for Cooperation in the Mediterranean in Barcelona and the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights in Cairo.
    India has a BA in International Relations with advanced proficiency in Spanish from the University of Exeter.

  • Myriam Castro

    Myriam Castro joined Teach a Man to Fish in November 2016 and is responsible for carrying out our projects in Honduras, attending the needs of the participants in the School Enterprise Challenge, networking strategic partners and ensuring effective communication between all parties.

    She has more than twenty years of experience as a university teacher for MBA Psychology and Business Administration programs and has been a coach for teens and young adults for several years.

    Myriam has a BS in Psychology, a MSC in Information Technology from ITESM and a PhD in Administrative Science from Catholic University of Honduras.

  • Christophe Walder

    Christophe Walder joined Teach a Man to Fish in September 2016 after returning from Kenya where he spent three months working with informal-sector entrepreneurs. Originally from France, he graduated from the University of Leeds where he studied German and Spanish in 2015.

    During this time he spent a term studying in Granada and a year working in Cologne and in his final year specialised in international business practices. He also has experience working in fundraising and at a social enterprise helping charities connect with millennials.

  • Ariana Fernandez

    Ariana Fernandez, born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua joined Teach a Man to Fish in June 2015. She is working in lead on all finance aspects in the regional office in Nicaragua and supporting in the creation of an organizational finance system that is efficient for the UK office and regional offices, as well as in the creation of small manuals for easy use in Central America. Besides the finances she is also supporting the Central America team in the implementation of the Enterprising Schools Network.

    Ariana has previously volunteered in social movements in Nicaragua like Mision Bosawas - a movement that works with the nature reserve BOSAWAS - where she supported in the creation of the administrative and finance system, and has work experience in accounting and administration in various Nicaraguan companies.Ariana also has participated in important programs like “Agentes de Cambio 2014” that is a regional training programme Social Policy from the foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung(FES) and she has been formed and educated to promote the human rights for indigenous groups from Bosawas. Currently, she is finishing her degree in Finances at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in Managua

  • Doreen Mugame

    Doreen Mugame joined Teach A Man To fish in February 2015 as a Project Officer, based in Kampala, Uganda. Doreen is working on scaling up the School Enterprise Challenge to 300 schools in Uganda, developing our technical assistance strategy in East Africa and on engaging more closely with government education departments.

    Doreen brings 4 years of relevant, practical entrepreneurial expertise. Doreen worked with youth and teachers through an experience based education programme whilst at Educate! She is also a ‘Start and improve our business’ certified trainer of trainers with the International Labour Organisation.
    Doreen holds a degree in Development Studies from Kyambogo University, Uganda.

  • Emma Sawyer

    Emma Sawyer joined the Teach a Man to Fish team at the start of May 2016 as finance and programmes finance support officer. Emma relocated to London from her home in Shropshire for this role and will work alongside the programmes team to offer assistance with financial processes as Teach a Man to Fish continues to grow in capacity.

    Emma comes from an accounting background and completed her AAT level 3 Diploma in 2015 before deciding to focus on working in international development after spending time volunteering with a small NGO in Malawi in summer 2015. She is also currently studying with The Open University to complete her undergraduate degree in international studies.

  • Susannah Morcowitz

    Susannah Morcowitz joined Teach a Man to Fish in July 2013 and supported the management of the School Enterprise Challenge programme before re-locating in December 2016 to South Africa to run one of our major EuropeAid funded projects. In addition she overseas corporate partnership development and monitoring and evaluation of our programmes.

    Prior to this Susannah carried out research for a Primary Care Trust on HIV and access to social care. Susannah has a background in community development and capacity building, working with socially excluded groups in the UK and India. Her experience includes a year in India supporting rural NGOs with organisational and disability specific programme development. Previously Susannah has worked with community groups in London tackling issues such as anti-social behaviour, racism and social exclusion.

    Susannah has an MSc in Anthropology and Development from the LSE and a BA in Archaeology and Anthropology from the University of Bristol.

  • Paola joined the Teach A Man To Fish team in August 2013, as a Field Officer at La Bastilla school in Nicaragua supporting the implementation of all school businesses, but especially the dairy plant. In September 2014 she took over the role as Enterprising Schools Network Support Officer, participating in the School Enterprise Challenge roll out in Central America supporting with workshops and trainings. Back in the UK in 2015, she joined the School Enterprise Challenge team developing new educational resources and marketing materials .She is currently managing all the operations and day-to-day of the global programme.

    Prior to joining Teach A Man To Fish, Paola worked for three years as a consultant in international projects, delivering training and workshops and supporting project roll outs. She has a business background, as she worked as an audit analyst and as a quality procedures assistant while living in Argentina. Paola has also travelled extensively to South East Asia and volunteered in Nepal with a local NGO and in London for the Fairtrade Foundation UK.

    Paola holds a degree in Business Administration from Buenos Aires University (Argentina) and an Expert Degree in Project Coordination for International Development from Alcalá University (Spain).

  • Christine Banura

    Christine Banura joined Teach A Man To Fish in September 2016 as the School Enterprise Challenge support marker and later on became a Support Volunteer. She is currently working as a School Enterprise Challenge Programme Officer based in Kampala managing, planning, coordinating and implementing the SEC in Uganda.

    Christine brings 2 Years’ experience in effective entrepreneurship development from Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), where she was directly working with the youth and teachers as a certified trainer/facilitator and mentor. Her major role was to train the youth and teachers in both soft and hard skills of entrepreneurship so that after leaving school they could effectively utilize these skills as they created their own enterprises and hence supported the communities they live in.
    She holds a Second Class Upper Honours degree in Development Studies from Kyambogo University and a certificate in Law from Law Development Center Uganda.

  • Maureen

    Maureen is a graduate of Sports Science from Makerere University passionate in working with other people and interested in learning new skills and building up her knowledge and skill set. Driven by this she joined teach a man to fish in January 2016 as a SKY project volunteer. She worked closely with SKY and SEC schools in trainings, M&E and other related office work, in addition to overseeing management of external relations between Teach A Man To Fish and key stakeholders. Maureen is now finance officer for the Uganda office.

    Prior to joining, She volunteered with the Ministry of Education and sports where she worked with schools in specific regions of the country to carry out sports competition among schools. This involved training on how a certain sport is performed, budgeting and implementing health and fitness challenges in schools through different sports.
    She is planning to pursue an ACCA course starting June 2017.

  • Olive the dog

    Olive! Highly important office cuddle provider, waste removal and early warning system for the arrival of the postman.

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